The strangest Stories of Escorts and Their Clients

Escorts deal with a lot of clients. Many clients don’t just want to have sex; they want to satisfy their needs. Here are the strangest stories and requests; they are all true.

• An Israeli sex worker who works over phones and webcams says that a guy called and started asking her about eating pork and seafood. The guy was Orthodox Jewish and eating pork is a sin in his beliefs. She tried to make the call about sex but the guy just wanted to hear that she has eaten pork. That is so weird.

• A German escort has another weird story. The client was Japanese. He asked her to lift her skirt so her thighs are now exposed. He asked her if he can take off her skirt and she said OK. After a while he finally took off his pants but instead of having sex with her, he started rubbing himself in her thighs and kissing her armpit. 4 minutes later, he was done and asked her to leave.

• An escort says that a client made a dental exam to her feet. He spent an hour doing his exam and she had to play the role perfectly. He didn’t even take off his pants.

• A male escort who is 45 years old has two strange stories here.
The first client was an Asian lady who has 50 years old. He told her what services he provides are and asked her to choose. She simply asked him to hug her. After a while she started crying over his chest for 5 minutes. He asked her if everything was OK but she just kept crying for some time. They sat on a couch hugging each other and then he asked again what was wrong? She simply told him that her husband never hugged her so he held her tighter for about 30 minutes then he left.
The second client was a woman who was physically unattractive, she asked him to ask her for a slow dance. They danced together for about 90 minutes and just that.
The two stories are so emotional.

• A friend of a female sex worker says that a client asked his friend to stay at the corner of the room naked and read from Ulysses. That is so weird.

• An escort who worked for a while in a strip club says that a client used to pay 200,000 for girls to piss in a glass for him. One day a girl brought him a glass filled with urine; he sniffed it and told her that this urine was for a male. He never returned to the club.

• An escort says that a client asked her to talk with him about books he brought with him. They went through the books for a while then when he felt that she was educated enough, he had sex with her.
Another client of the same escort asked her to ride a virtual motorcycle and do the sound of it for a while, then dance a little with their full clothes.